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Get a weekly box of veggies from your farmer

Join our CSA farm box membership for 18 weeks.
Or shop our online store to build your own custom order.

Pre Registration open for 2023 Season

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The Rambling Oaks FARM BOX from your local farmer!

A weekly box of delicious vegetables you either pick up or can be delivered to you if you are in our delivery areas!

Your veggies will be picked and packed by your own personal farmer all summer long and all you will have to worry about are what delicious meals you are going to prepare, and we will even help you with recipes too. 

With our CSA you get to choose the vegetables in your box. Now this doesn't mean it's the grocery store, but some choice I feel is important. You are paying a premium price for a premium product, we want you to have what you want.

What is a Farm Box/CSA?

A CSA, or Farm Box, is a contract between you and your farmer. This is a hard life and more and more we are losing farmers in the US. CSAs show that you support your local farmer and helps us feel secure that you have our back.

Here at Rambling Oaks Farm we believe in having choices, with this belief comes a big difference between our CSA and many of the others. At most CSAs you get what you get, whether you like them eggplants or not.

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What's in a Farm Box?

That's the best part you can pick whatever you want! 

And if you do prefer a more traditional CSA we have an option for purchasing a full curated box or even a curated option for a week if you just happen to fill like being creative with a mystery box. 

A chance to be creative

Choose the membership that works for you!

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