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From the start of my military career I have spent a lot of time overseas in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. One thing that I observed, is that people in areas with strong local food systems flourished and those who lacked these systems really struggled.

Having grown up in a farming community, I have also seen our fragile food system. We have an aging farmer population and our food is outsourced from thousands of miles away. However, we can strengthen our communities by advocating for our local farmers.

Growing good healthy food and helping to fix our food system is why we started our farm.

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Part of farm 2023

Rambling Oaks Farm is a produce farm that offers home delivery boxes of fresh, organic produce and microgreens. The farm was originally near Tulsa, Oklahoma for 15 years. We have since moved to Southwest New Hampshire and since 2021 we have been producing solely for a non-profit organization, Kroka Expeditions, and now we are growing food for our local community. At Rambling Oaks Farm, we prioritize using organic practices in order to produce the highest quality, healthiest produce possible. 


The Year Round Team

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