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Get a weekly box of veggies from your farmer

Join our CSA farm box membership for 18 weeks.
Or shop our online store to build your own custom order.

What if you knew your farmer and where your food comes from?

With the increasing industrialization of our food system, small-scale farmers are at risk of disappearing. As a consequence, many individuals have lost touch with their local farmers. We maintain that every piece of produce carries a narrative, and it's essential for people to have a personal relationship with their farmer to understand the origins of their food. Understanding the story and the individuals who produce your food adds significance to your meals. If you share this view, we would be delighted to be your farmer.

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Only 1 in 10 Americans get enough fresh veggies in their diet.
Having the right diet in your life can lower your blood pressure, give you more energy, manage your weight, help prevent cancer and heart disease, and so much more.
Why do we not eat more?
 -It's Expensive.
 time to cook or don't know how to cook it.
It doesn't taste good.

Let Rambling Oaks Farm Change That!!

We Do NOT Use Synthetic:​
1. Herbicides
2. Pesticides
3. Fungicides
4. Treated Seeds


These are all items you are already buying, with a few extras and some great recipes to help with eating our great fruits and veggies. You pick your own items or if you prefer we will give you a curated box of what we love the best!



So how do I buy your food?


  1. Make sure that our CSA is right for you.

  2. Pick the plan that best suits your family or household.

  3. Press select and sign up or login to website and pay.

  4. Patiently wait till the first week of June.                                                                                          

  5. When it is finally time, you will receive the credit amount for your plan that you can take and use in the online store. (Farm Box/CSA members get early access to store).

  6. Browse and select what you want from what is available, enter your credit code, select whether you want it delivered or you wanna pick up at the farm and "purchase"

  7. We will take your order fill it and deliver to your door. If you don't plan to be home on delivery day, don't worry all you have to do is set out a cooler for temperature sensitive food and we will put those items in your cooler.



We grow a large amount of naturally grown veggies and sell them through the CSA as well as through our online store. In addition, we sell at a few different farmers markets that you can grab some delicious veggies from us. I recommend trying our food by purchasing it ala cart from our online store. If after trying it you are ready to go to the next level you can join our Farm Box (CSA- Community Supported Agriculture) and get a box of food every week (as well as some other perks).


Subscribe to our weekly Farm Box

Shop Ala Cart from our Online Store

Sometimes referred to as a CSA, our farm box is a weekly box of food that you filled with delicious veggies/fruit that you choose that runs for 18 weeks.  

If you fill like a Farm Box may be to much of an commitment you can just order our veggies through our online store. Selection from the Ala Cart Store is more limited than from the CSA Store.

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Where do I pick up my veggies?

Our pick up locations

We have several pick up/delivery locations. You can of course pick up at our farm, you can pick up orders at one of the farmers markets that we attend, or you can choose delivery if you live in the Keene, NH; South from Concord, Manchester and Nashua, NH; or Boston, MA areas on the specified delivery days. Anywhere in 10 miles of Keene is free, outside of that there is a small $8 delivery fee.

(Specific dates, times, and farmers markets TBA)

Is a farm Box right for you?

A Farm Box is not necessarily for everyone. So how do you know if its right for you? Well I have a good idea who these boxes are for and can be summed up in 4 questions you should ask yourself.​ Check em out.

What are your growing practices?

We grow all of our food using organic or naturally grown practices. For the previous couple of year we didn't have any reason to be certified so we did not pursue a certification. However, now that we are selling to the public we do plan to become certified as soon as we can!

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Why a CSA Farm Box?


You pay the farmer ahead of time.


The farmer uses the money to buy seeds and pay employees.


You get great vegetables each week and eat healthier!


...who your farmer is, and how your food is grown.

Food from Farmers you Trust


New Hampshire based, Veteran owned farm. Our goal is to produce the best tasting and healthiest food at sensible prices.

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We believe you should be able to eat fresh, naturally grown food from right in your community

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